Fast Times at D&D High is a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Podcast led by the immensely talented Persephone. Our four players navigate the homebrewed world of Cisternia, as awkward teenagers, uncovering mysteries while trying to keep up with their studies.

And this is Episode Six, where teenagers from several local high schools break into an underground tunnel to have a party and nothing dramatic happens at all! (*shifty eyes*) 


Our Dungeon Master is Persephone Valentine

Hudson is played by Elise Fuego
Ollie is played by Caro Murphy
Suri is played by Nuance Vivian
Cecil is played by Wren Apollo


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Content Warnings:

Player Swearing
Mention of Fantasy Narcotics

Show Notes:

Transcripts can be found here. Provided by Nuance Vivian.

Fast Times at D&D high is an ArcanaCast production, copyright 2020 all rights reserved. Our editor is Derrick B Perry. Our theme song was produced by Derrick B Perry and Ashley Abbott. Our background music is courtesy of Kevin MacLeod. and Sascha Shultz. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Track listing:

Verano Sensual
Easy Lemon
Doobly Doo
Shaving Mirror
Pinball Spring
Killing Time
Game Funk Loop
Electric Cabello
District 4
Baba Yaga

all by Kevin MacLeod (


Yesterday's Illusion by Sascha Shultz (incompetech)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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