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Fast Times at D&D High is a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Podcast. Our four players navigate the homebrewed world of Cisternia as awkward teenagers uncovering mysteries while trying to keep up with their studies, and trying to hide their magical girl identities from everyone else!

And this is Episode Twelve: Exploration! Where Cecil makes a new friend, Ollie and Suri discover a new shared connection, and Hudson surprises everyone!

Our Dungeon Master is Persephone Valentine

Hudson is played by Elise Fuego
Ollie is played by Caro Murphy
Suri is played by Nuance Vivian
Cecil is played by Wren Apollo


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You can also find us on Twitter! 

Content Warnings:

Swearing, Grand Theft Auto

Show Notes:

Transcripts can be found here. Provided by Adam Robertson.

Fast Times at D&D high is an ArcanaCast production, copyright 2020 all rights reserved. Our editor is Derrick B Perry. Our theme song was produced by Derrick B Perry and Ashley Abbott. Select background music is courtesy of Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons. Other music by Epidemic Sound.

Track listing:

Lasting Hope by Kevin MacLeod

I will hold onto you by Garden Friend 

“Collective Spirit” By Christophe Gorman

A Love Letter by Eric Feinberg

Sneaky Rascal by David Fesliyan

Comfortable Mystery, by Kevin MacLeod,

Silly Chicken, David Fesliyan

Alchemy By Jon Bjork   

Cipher by Kevin MacLeod

Silly Bank Heist by David Fesliyan


Kevin MacLeod licensed by (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License  

Royalty free music from David Fesliyan from

All other music licensed from epidemic sound.

Sound Effect Attribution:

All sound effects mixed by Derrick B Perry

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