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Fast Times at D&D High is Persephone's brainchild, who created the world of Cisternia and creates the chaos our characters need to navigate.

She can be found on Twitter, and most other places on the internet as Persephiroth. She is a multitalented writer, creator, cosplayer, actress, goddess, and teller of tales. (She did not write this bio, yell at Wren.)


Hudson is played by Elise Fuego
Elise is several otters in a human suit. Don't @ her.

Ollie is played by Caro Murphy
Caro is a game designer, games professor, and nonprofit founder. Also actor, and player of 14+ instruments!

Suri is played by Nuance Vivian
Nuance believes this would be easier to write if it were the history of one of her larp or ttrpg characters instead.

Cecil is played by Wren Knowles 
Wren is a twitch streamer, and works with animals in their day job. So of course he is playing the druid.

Podcast Team:

Our episodes are edited by Derrick B Perry

Our primary theme song was composed by Derrick B Perry and Ashley Abbot.

Transcripts of our episode audio are provided by Zee Bowditch 

School Logos designed by Caro Murphy.

Social Media, other graphics, and technical backend managed by Wren Knowles.

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